Bangladeshi Matrimonial Site Vs. Traditional Match Making

Published: 30th September 2011
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Gone are the days when referrals were the only way of finding matches. Though this was an effective way till a few years back, today its sheen and shine has reduced. Though there are many reasons for it, the busy schedule and relocating to far off places by friends and relatives, reduced social gathering, increasing online social networking and the great advantages of online Bangladeshi Matrimonial Site are the two major reasons.

Registering on a Bangladeshi Matrimonial Site would open wide avenues for getting a better match much easily. For this one needs to register on to a Bangladeshi Matrimonial Site and create your own profile with the needed details that would include your personal details, your likes and dislikes, your preferences etc. This would enable you to get proposals of only those candidates who match your likes and dislikes and your preferences. Whereas in the traditional process of going through seeing various candidates blindly and then, only when the girl and the boy meet and they do not feel comfortable with each other they fall in an awkward situation to express their unwillingness that creates an embarrassing situation. This can be greatly avoided while searching a match online.

Since these online matrimonial websites have clearly categorized sections based on caste, creed, preferences, city, income, age, occupation etc. it becomes easier for a person to filter according to criteria of their preference and then start seeing through the profiles accordingly. This saves them a lot of time going through the huge number of profiles in a vague manner that can consume more time and create an irritating situation.

Personal Introduction part which is one of the most toughest part in match making. If you ask any matrimonial candidate this would mostly be the answer. This is still a necessary part in traditional match making. But in case of an online match the introduction part is played by the registered profile thereby making it easy to communicate with the candidate directly.

These sites come with a provision of providing photographs. So it becomes easier for a person to choose if he / she is more into looks. In a traditional match search sending photos, no doubt is prevalent but is not mandatory especially when it is referrals. Many prefer to see the candidate in person and getting a photograph prior to visit does become difficult. So filtering out on the basis of look at the first phase is phased out in such cases.

Matrimonial sites act as unseen bridges between two unknowns and acts as a much more comfortable platform to communicate even without seeing each other. This helps in a great deal to comfortably get apart if they find each other to be unsuitable. There isn't much embarrassment like the one found in a traditional match search where they already meet in person and talk and finally reject the person.

Above all, the cost involved in registering on to a Bangladeshi Matrimonial Site and searching a candidate online is much cheaper than the traditional method of matchmaking.

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